Well they’re not any more! How so? Daily fantasy sports contests are a newly created gaming system which allows you to play a full season in just a day!

Let’s now do a comparison of the daily contest style vs. the full season long league. As many of you are already playing in or familiar with the season long league, so let us start to familiarize you with the differences and the similarities of the two styles.

How do daily contests work? Read below:


  1. Select the sport you would like to play for the day. Such as football, baseball, basketball, hockey contest.
  2. Now you will select the entry amount $0.00 and up.
  3. Then you will select which players to build your fantasy team with in that day’s games.
  4. Now decide if you want to send an invite out to friend to play against or you can leave the contest open to play a site user. A site user will then build their team.

Let us look back at the 4 steps to compare these steps in a full season league. Read below: 


  1. You would decide what sport to play a full season in. (Big commitment of time and energy.)
  2. You would have had to find out if your league is playing for an entry fee. If so, give the fee to the Commish of the league. (Now hope at the end of the season the money will be paid out as many times this is not a smooth process.)
  3. You need to find out when the draft date is. Block that day from ufabet เข้าสู่ระบบทางเข้า your busy schedule and prepare before the draft and during the draft. (This is a key point to your season’s success; remember this is a multi-month commitment. You do not want to start the season with a poor draft.)
  4. You can not decide who you will play each time as that is already setup in the schedule for your league.

We just reviewed some differences in the two styles of play, daily vs. season long. So now lets view similar traits which they both share. 

Here now are the similarities of the two styles, which are:


  1. You sit back and watch the games and cheer on your players.
  2. The winning team is the team with the highest total team points scored.

So far so good right! Pretty exciting stuff for any true fantasy sports fan to read. Now its time to cut to the chase on why Daily Fantasy Sports is the new revolutionary way to play! See below:

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