As covered in fanzines and news organisations for some considerable time, the takeover of Hull City Football Club has been at the forefront of news coming out of the Tigers. Now, tied in with this topic up for debate amongst fans, a formal statement from the Allam Family – the prospective new owners in charge of the club – has been released ahead of the legal formalities being processed.

Earlier, media outlets across the international stage backed up a news story that had been circulating amongst fanzines that exclusively revealed a deal would be struck ‘during the middle of the week’ between Hull City Football Club owner Russell Bartlett and the Allam Family for control of the football club.

And now, with widespread reports in the local, national and international media confirming a deal has been agreed between the Allam Family and Tigers chief Russell Bartlett, a formal statement from the new buyers on the purchase of the club is provided in the extract below.

The statement reads:

“We are delighted to have reached agreement with Russell Bartlett ยูฟ่าเบท to take a controlling stake in Hull City.

More details of the agreement will be made public in due course. For the time being, it is important to stress to everyone, especially the supporters of Hull City, that we see our role as bringing financial stability to the club to help clear the outstanding debts and to enable it to survive and flourish.

The financial stability of the club and its long-term success is of paramount importance to us both.”

The news should be welcomed by Tigers fans everywhere. Long have the financial troubles at the club blighted progress since relegation from the Premier League. With the current owner not making his intentions clear on what the future holds for Hull City Football Club, it is undoubtedly better served in the hands of ownership with clear ambitions and objective goals to strive for.

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