Messy Church celebration of Pentecost on 15th May Fantastic time had by all







































The Bishop of Durham’s prayer walk came to St John’s Egglescliffe on Saturday 14th May before leaving on the coach to Longnewton































































Christmas is Coming!!

A warm welcome waits for you at St John’s this Christmas.  Why not join us as we celebrate the birth of Jesus, we would love to see you at any of our services and activities.  We have a Christingle service, a Crib service on Christmas Eve, Midnight Holy Communion and a Celebration Holy Communion at 10am on Christmas morning.  Check out our ‘What’s on’ page for more details.



Making a Splash! 

On Sunday 4th May we will be baptising Polly Christian.  Polly���s aunty, seven year old Sophie came to Families@Four last week, she had written this about her niece.

Introducing Polly

I would like to introduce you to my niece Polly.  She was born on 17th November 2013 and she is now five and a half months old.�� Polly�����s favourite toy is a rabbit called Flopsy.  She takes Flopsy everywhere as you can see.

Polly’s favourite things to do are; going swimming, going in the bath and watching Peppa Pig.  She also likes people making her laugh.

Polly has just started play group, she enjoys playing with all her friends.  Her favourite part of play group is near the end of the day, Polly and her friends sit together in a circle and sing songs.  Polly’s favourite song is ‘wind the bobbin up’.

Polly is also getting Christened at this church next Sunday.  All of her family are coming to this wonderful celebration and I’m sure God will be right at her side on this special day and throughout her life.

By Sophie Cowlie (age 7 years)

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